The Bully on the Block, aka Whole Foods

New Seasons is a beloved Portland Institution it is our fantastic, locally-sourced very eco- and neighborhood-friendly grocery store.  They buy from local farmers and producers first whenever possible and have established healthy LOCAL partnerships that provide consumers with the best quality products with a significantly reduced carbon footprint.

Here in Portland Whole Foods is generally considered the bully on the block, and they are now going after New Seasons in the guise of defending themselves against a lawsuit that is a direct result of how they how acquired Wild Oats.

New Seasons: We’re Just Trying to Mind Our Own (Local) Business

Why is this sort of nasty corporate behavior OK for Whole Foods?  Particularly given their “earth-friendly, we are the good guys” marketing message.

While I realize in some parts of the country, Whole Foods seems to be the only option for certain types of organic vegetables and meats — I strongly urge everyone to take a look at your local co-ops or family owned grocery stores as an alternative to Whole Foods.

In these troubled economic types it is especially important that we help our local businesses stay in business.

Here is a link to a good round-up of local grocery co-ops throughout the United States.