http://freejen.org started as joke in late 2002.  I was drinking beer with my good friends, all of them techies in some form or another, before departing for my year-long trip through Africa, India, and SE Asia (at that point I had even more ambitious travel plans including Mongolia and somehow taking a train across the *stans and Russia.)

I attempted to get some firm promises that if I wound up in a 3rd world jail at least someone would come get me out.  Their response was, “of course not, we’ll just set up a website called ‘freejen’ and secure your release the internet way.”  And thus freejen.org was born. Fortunately, I never had the opportunity to view the inside of a third-world prison.

Due to many blog migrations there are some missing posts and I’ve never gotten around to converting some of my adventure stories (as my nephews call them) from my physical travel-journals to the weblog.  You may begin to see some new travel tales over the next few months.

You’ll find posts here on many topics with varying degrees of readability and rantiness.